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We are the Parry Sound-Muskoka Septic System Experts. We install, replace and repair trench beds, filter and tertiary systems, as well as the eco-friendly Ecoflo® Septic System. 

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Ecoflo® Septic Filter System
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As the septic experts in Parry Sound-Muskoka, we can help you determine the right system for your household needs, then install it for you.

We can sometimes also repair systems if an accident should happen.

Types Of Septic Systems We Install And Service

Trench Beds

Filter Septic

Tertiary Septic Systems

Ecoflo® Septic Filter System
The Eco-Friendly Option

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How Does The Ecoflo® Septic System Work

Septic systems take water and household waste and filter out the dangerous elements so that the water can return to nature. The Ecoflo® system is unique in that it utilizes coconut husk fibers and/or peat moss to filter out contaminants more effectively. The result is that the Ecoflo® system takes up less land than more traditional systems.  

Wastewater first flows into a septic tank. Solids settle on the bottom of the tank and liquids flow into the Ecoflo® biofilter for treatment.

Inside the Ecoflo® biofilter, a non-mechanical tipping bucket scatters wastewater across perforated distribution plates. Wastewater drips through these plates and falls across a filter made of coconut husk fragments or a combination of coco and peat moss.

This filter is the heart of the Ecoflo® septic system. It creates a physical barrier that captures and removes wastewater pollutants.

After percolating through the all-natural filter, wastewater flows into the septic bed where it is safely and cleanly discharged for one final filtration.

How does the Ecoflo System Work?

Benefits of the Ecoflo® Septic System

Installed For Life

Peace of Mind 24/7 Autonomous Operation

Compact and Discreet

Wise Investment

Uniquely Effective Septic System - The Natural Option

The Ecoflo® system is unique in that it utilizes a natural, renewable, eco-friendly resource to filter out contaminants from wastewater. The Ecoflo® system carries the most complete warranty in the industry.

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