Road Repairs & Gravel Driveways Muskoka

In the Parry Sound-Muskoka area, homeowners and cottagers prefer to use gravel for roads and driveways as it is cost-effective and isn't damaged by the freeze and thaw cycles experienced here.

At Greenleaf Excavation we are your driveway builder and road building company in Parry Sound-Muskoka: we have years of experience planning, creating, and repairing gravel roads and gravel driveways. We pay special attention to gravel driveway building done right, following best practices for the amount and type of materials to create a long-lasting, durable driveway.

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Gravel Road And Driveway Repairs And Refreshing

Gravel driveways are very durable and long-lasting when built right, but over time they may require refreshing or repairs due to plowing, erosion, or other unanticipated issues. We provide free quotes for gravel driveway repairs and refreshing.

Road Building

We are your road building and driveway re-surfacing company in Parry Sound-Muskoka. We'll help you develop the best plan for your gravel driveway, make recommendations, and help you avoid potential problems. We deliver the materials, grade and top coat your gravel driveway to make it looks its best.

Greenleaf also provides companion services for gravel driveway installations such as drainage culverts, retaining walls, trenching and landscaping.

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