Landscaping And Retaining Walls

We want to help you achieve your vision for your home or cottage. We have experience creating hardscapes, retaining walls and rock gardens.

Retaining Walls Muskoka

Retaining walls are both structural and aesthetic, as they can enhance your property by using layers of rock to provide a visual upgrade to your property. 

Retaining walls are most often used where the landscape grading needs to be shaped and constructed to hold the soil behind it.
The purpose of your retaining wall will determine the materials best suited for the project. 

It's crucial to hire experienced and professional contractors like Greenleaf Excavation who will build your retaining wall safely and to your specifications.


Nothing says Parry Sound-Muskoka like granite. Granite varies in colour, with stunning black, grey, pink, and white tones throughout. Whether you prefer the look of natural, untouched Muskoka boulders, or cut granite from the local quarry, we will help you achieve the look you want for your property.

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Armour Stone

For areas like parking lots, driveways, ponds, or the perimeter of your property, armour stone is one of the most rugged and beautiful additions to any landscaping project. Most armour stone is light grey or charcoal grey. Armour stone’s durability makes it the ideal choice for erosion control. Armour stone’s durability makes it the ideal choice for erosion control and shoreline protection projects as well. 

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