Drainage Tile

Protecting your property and your basement from flooding and water damage is vitally important and a drain tile system is a good first line of defence.  

What is Drain Tile?

Water always chooses the path of least resistance, so drain tile (also called weeping tile or field tile) offers the easiest path for the water and carries it away from your home or outbuildings or property. Drainage tile installation involves digging a trench around your basement or property and laying aggregate, followed by a system of perforated pipes, and then the whole system is covered over with textile fabric and backfilled. When done correctly, you don’t even know it’s there

Most building codes require drainage tile installation around all concrete and masonry foundations.. This ensures that water is directed away from your home and into the perforated pipe system instead, saving potentially thousands of dollars in water damage to your basement.

Drainage Tile Installation & Repair

We provide full-service drainage tile installation for homes and cottages. If your system has been damaged by vehicles, or becomes clogged or overgrown, our experts will determine the cause and get it back into optimum working condition. Get your free quote now.

Drainage Ditch

French Drains

French drains use a similar system to a drain tile system and are designed to allow water to drain naturally from your yard or property. Again, it provides the water with an easier path to follow around your property rather than through it. To put it simply, a French drain is made by digging a trench, installing a layer of gravel, then a perforated pipe, then more gravel on top and finally the top layer of soil. It's a simple system, yet effective at keeping excess water away from your property.

Drainage Tile


A culvert allows water to flow freely under a road or driveway. Culverts are typically made from either plastic or galvanized steel. At Greenleaf Excavation we provide full-service culvert installation to meet your needs and ensure water goes where it needs to go.

Drain Culvert

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