5 signs your septic has a problem

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that your septic isn’t working properly? The tip off might literally be a sinking feeling – or a stinking feeling, for that matter. It’s important not to turn a blind eye – or nose – to the tell-tale signs that you’ve got a problem. Doing so could polluteContinue reading “5 signs your septic has a problem”

Bleach and your septic

If bleach is in your arsenal of cleaning products, be careful about how you use it. Did you know that if you pour it down the drain, it can be harmful for your septic system? While bleach is known for its ability to kill germs, that’s exactly what makes it so harmful to your septic.Continue reading “Bleach and your septic”

Cleaning your effluent filter

If you have a septic, you should have an effluent filter. Older systems may not be outfitted with an effluent filter, but you can – and should – add one. What is an effluent filter? It’s a filter in your septic tank that prevents solid waste (yep – it’s exactly what you think it is)Continue reading “Cleaning your effluent filter”